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The Not So Pretty Truth About Makeup

Did you know that many popular mineral makeup companies started out clean? However, as they grew many have since been bought out (original owners selling to larger companies) the products are reformulated to include fillers to make their products less expensive to manufacture. The problem? This compromised the integrity of their so-called "clean" product.

So how is Savvy Minerals by Young Living different? First off, let's look at what is NOT in our makeup:

  • NO gluten

  • NO soy

  • NO mineral oil

  • NO petrochemicals

  • NO talc

  • NO parabens

  • NO nano-particles

  • NO phthalates

  • NO bismuth

  • NO metals

  • NO synthetic dyes

  • NO synthetic fragrance

According to, the above ingredients can wreak havoc on our bodies in a number of ways including but not limited to:

  • negative hormone effects

  • negative immunity effects

  • premature aging

  • skin irritant

  • carcinogen

  • may contain asbestos

  • endocrine disruptor

  • hormone disruptor

  • developmental toxin

  • reproductive toxin

Sheesh. There's not ONE thing on that list I want even remotely around me or my daughter, or anyone for that matter! So you may be wondering what IS in Young Living makeup? Take a look:

  • Kaolin Clay | reduces oily skin, detoxifies, soothes

  • Arrowroot Powder (no GMO cornstarch) | absorbs excess oil, soothes, and provides a natural glow

  • Aloe | nourishing, provides moisture, maintains youthful appearance

  • Vitamin E | antioxidant, nourishing, promotes healthy skin

  • Aspen Bark Extract | natural preservative, smooths and softens skin

  • Jojoba Oil | moisturizes, softens lips, antioxidant

Switching to clean makeup products didn't happen right away in my journey to using clean, plant-based products for our home, but I can tell you it was a gamechanger. When I did start using Savvy Minerals I noticed smoother, clearer skin, and less sensitivity than I had before. My makeup lasted longer because it was on my skin, not being absorbed into it like other products. Needless to say I could breathe a sigh of relief knowing what was in my products, and what wasn't. (Also, having the convenience of a one-stop-shop for all my household and personal care products was fabulous - while earning 20% back in points!)

Want to see which Savvy Minerals products I use? Check out my (quick) makeup routine in a reel HERE on my Instagram Feed!

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