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Diffusing Oils vs. Burning Candles

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Are Candles Really that Bad??

Here's the thing. Even when I heard that candles can be terrible for our health, I held on to them. For longer than I want to admit. It's hard to stop doing something you've done for years. Until you realize your health and your family's health is at risk, and you're the one bringing that junk into the house.

Don't tell me it's too expensive. Burning a candle for 25 hours costs you $14-16. I can diffuse the same smell for 25 hours for $3.50. Yep I did the math.

Candles can pollute our indoor air with chemicals that disrupt our hormones, aggravate our respiratory systems, and even cause skin issues. Most candles have paraffin wax in them, which when burned, turns into a carcinogen. IT'S NOT WORTH IT!

So, ditch those candles! Replace them with diffusers and essential oils! Don't tell me it's too expensive. Did you know buying a small candle from Anthropologie that burns for 25 hours will cost you $14-16? Diffusing an “Anthropologie Blend” of essential oils (pine, Joy, grapefruit, and lime) for 25 hours costs me $3.50. Yep I did the math. Ya’ll better stop playing.

Plus, you can diffuse oils all day and all night! Can you do that with a candle? No! Diffusing oils actually benefits your health, can help you sleep better, can cleanse airborne pathogens, and might just improve your mood, or make you feel energized! What's stopping you from jumping on the oily train?

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