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Favorite Items for India

Oily & Non-Oily Items we would DEFINITELY take again!

1. Inflatable pillows for the airplane. Okay first off, I didn’t even know this was a thing until my IG friend Sweta (@sincerelysweta) told me!  They were total game changers for our long overnight flight because both our kids could sleep comfortably! These pillows fit in between the seat and the tray table. You can inflate them using the air vents above your seat in less than a minute! Stuff them down into the space, put a pillow on top and have your little ones lay down, tuck them in for the 15 hour flight, and have yourself a nap or ... a fancy drink. Lavinia laid on me for part of the flight but I was able to use her pillow to put my feet up. Win win!

2. Thieves Spray & Hand Sanitizer... literally used these like they were going out of style. Spray all the surfaces my kids might touch in public. Use the hand sanitizer even after washing hands in public restrooms & definitely before eating anything! My kids still touch their faces a lot and even put their hands in their mouths - gross. So thankful I could keep their hands clean in a non-toxic and safe way, because let’s be real, whatever I’m putting on their hands, they are absorbing, and possibly ingesting- because they STILL put their little hands into their mouths!

3. Oils - obviously. Yeah you can get meds from a *chemist* in India easily, but I’ll stick to my oils - my natural remedies - as much as I can!

Here’s what I would absolutely take again:

- Thieves - use it everyday on the feet or spine to keep that immune system at 100%

-Valor - traveling to India + jet lag = many many emotions. Keep them in check with this oil.... everyone chillll, we can do this!!!

-Roman Chamomile - this was the oil I used at night if my kids woke up and thought it was party time. No no child, go back to sleep. Swipe some behind their ears, at the base of their neck, and on their wrists - and off you go back to dreamland!

-Digize - so you can eat all the yummy foods!  We like to rub a little with lotion or carrier oil on the kids bellies or take a drop under our tongues! Doesn’t smell or taste great but trust me, the effectiveness is worth it!

-Aromaease - if you have anyone traveling with you that has motion sickness, you NEED this oil. Put a drop directly on the belly button and some right where the stomach is (right under the ribs). Don’t let them eat heavy before traveling, use some Valor for nervous feels, and let them sniff the Aromaease out of the bottle if the need as well!

*if you don’t have oils yet, click here and get started friend!

4. Clothes and toys you can use there and give away there. This is something my Bhabhi taught me a while ago... whatever you take to wear in India, leave in India. It was easy to pack this way for the kids since they always have a pile of clothes that needs to be given away! We encouraged Jevani to pack toys he could give away there too, and it was good for him to see that there are many kids in India that don’t have much at all! Also, leaving all those clothes and toys behind leaves room in your suitcase to bring back whatever you buy there!

5. Insect Repellent - we luckily went to India when there aren’t mosquitos swarming everywhere. But still we did see our fair share of them! I love using the Insect Repellent from Young Living because it actually works, and it’s safe to apply and reapply! It contains oils like Citronella, Lemongrass, Rosemary, and Spearmint. I am someone who is ALWAYS prone too bug bites, and I’m happy to report I only got 2 this time! I got them when we went out and I hadn’t applied the repellent! Lesson learned!

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