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Five Favorite Finds - August Edition

I don’t know about you, but I always love to hear about my friend’s favorite finds! It was tough, but I’ve narrowed down my top five favorite finds that I’m currently obsessed with this month – check them out!


1. Progessence Plus: I’ve used this powerhouse oil for nearly three years now, and it always takes the cake for one of my top five favorite products! Progessence Plus is a blend of some of my favorite oils - Sacred Frankincense, Bergamot and Peppermint oil. It’s ideal for women over 30 (me!) and is known to naturally promote hormone stability and emotions. Let’s just say I make sure to have an extra bottle on hand at all times so I don’t run out, it’s that good! Learn more about YL’s Progessence Plus HERE.

2. Jojoba Oil: One of my new favorites is to use this Jojoba Oil to take off makeup! I’ve always used jojoba as a carrier oil, but since it can be used near the eyes, it’s been an excellent makeup remover that also does double-duty to help moisturize my skin without clogging my pores. It’s 100% pure and natural with no additional additives, chemicals, alcohol or fragrance. It’s also USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO verified. I love that one product can be used so many different ways! Check out the one I use from Amazon HERE.

3. Cedarwood: Not only do I use Cedarwood to promote healthy hair and skin, but I’ve loved using it to promote restful sleep too! With homeschooling, my husband still working from home, and two active kiddos, we all need good sleep…especially Mama! I set the tone for my people, and that includes what I add to their diffusers at night. I’ve loved diffusing Cedarwood with lavender at nighttime in my kids’ rooms and will start diffusing it for my husband and me as we begin to wind down for the evening to get us ready to rest. If you haven’t tried Cedarwood to promote restful sleep, try it tonight! You won’t regret it. Learn more about YL’s Cedarwood Oil HERE.

4. Facial Steamer: If you follow me online at all you know one of my favorite self-care routines is to steam my face! Feels so luxurious all while in the comfort of my own home. The steam helps to open and unclog pores and melt away dead skin cells. My favorite time to steam is after I shower and before I apply my nighttime face serum. The steamer generates full-powered steam in less than 30 seconds making it a quick and convenient way to feel like I’m at the spa, even though I’m quarantined in my bathroom! Check out the one I use from Amazon HERE.

5. CBD Muscle Rub: So many great things to share about Young Living’s CBD products, but a favorite in our household is the CDB Muscle Rub. It is our family’s go-to balm for any joint or muscle pain or tension. My husband, Nate, uses everyday and is hands down his favorite product. A little goes a long way to ensure relief with one bottle lasting us months, even with regular use. Did you know that Young Living’s CBD products are the only on the market with Smart Spectrum CBD Science which means it blended the CBD isolate and the terpenes from essential oils to create a CBD product that is more robust and the essential oils increase the overall efficacy of the product? I love the science behind essential oils (former Science teacher, remember?) and once you use it you’ll see the effects behind this powerhouse rub too. Learn more about YL’s CBD Muscle Rub HERE.


So what are you currently obsessed with? I'd love to know! Comment below with some of your favorite finds and let me know why they're so good!

Questions about any of the items I recommended? I'd love to chat! Reach out to me at to connect. 

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