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HOLI | Happy and Healthy

Holi has always been such a FUN holiday! The bright and playful colors mean Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner. While it was always special, it became extra memorable when my boyfriend, Nate, (now husband) proposed by throwing powder at my face and a ring on my finger! Over the years it has gotten that much sweeter (and messier) as we've celebrated with our own little ones.

Here's a few fun and festive ideas as you celebrate Holi. May it be a sweet celebration with loved ones!

My friend, (and Oil & Spoil teammate) brings the food and the fun with her Holi inspired Charcuterie Boards, offering three options for those in their wellness journey. Don't they look almost too pretty to eat? Almost. I can't wait to try them!

Be inspired by Preeti as she shares fitness and mindset tips and tricks: @preeti.s.gandhi

Everyone knows that to celebrate Holi, you've got to have Holi powder - duh! Have you heard of Jai Jai Hooray? If not, check them out. Not a sponsored post, but this has been one of my favorite companies for a few years now think you will love it too. Their Holi powder is made in America and contains 100% non-toxic, organic, gluten-free cornstarch and food grade dyes. Gentle enough for newborns and kids with eczema, it’s as mild as having flour on your skin. Plus, cleanup is mind-blowingly easy. WIN-WIN!

They were kind enough to feature our engagement on their Instagram a few years ago!

"When Ruby (desi girl) started dating Nate (non-desi boy), she wanted to find a fun way to introduce him to South Asian culture. One night, she told him to meet her outside her apartment, snuck up behind him and surprised him with a color powder "GOT YOU!" Well, little did she know how quick a study (and equally mischievous) Nate is. A few months later, on another date night, Nate tricked Ruby the same way. He handed her a towel and guess what was wrapped up inside? Today they are married and the parents of two beautiful children."


"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens."

Ecclesiastes 3:1

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