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How to be a Sharer and Not a Seller

On average, about 90% of people that use Young Living products don't want to "do the business". Phrases like #BossBabe or #Hustle might turn you off. Me too! It felt weird to sell, but natural to share.

That's why when I started using Young Living's essential oils I found myself unknowingly sharing with those around me. I didn't start off by hosting a party, inviting them to a webinar, or subscribing them to an upline's mailing list, rather simply sharing about the oils I loved and why I loved them. This opened the door for me to naturally share with others in everyday life. I began to listen to the needs of others and offered them oily alternatives to try. While we know oils won't solve everyone's problems, they can help with a lot of different things people are needing. Before I knew it, my conversations lead to kit conversions. The friends I shared with started sharing with their friends, and so on.

While I have ultimately decided to "do the business" and create a career (and steady income) with Young Living, you can still continue to share and make a difference while also getting some extra cash. Did you know that when a friend purchases a kit with your referral link Young Living automatically gives you, the sharer, a $50 cash referral bonus? Real money. Not credit. Not promo items. Money you choose how and where to spend. You're helping them start their oily journey, and you get a small reward for introducing your family and friends to plant-based products. Win-win! If it does feel strange to profit off of a loved one, know legally you're able to give $25 back to them in whatever form you prefer.

Remember when I said 90% don't want to "do the business"? Don't forget about the other 10% that do! Even though you may not choose this path, it doesn't mean that someone you shared with doesn't. Their story can look very different than yours and that's ok. That's the beauty of Young Living. Make it work for you in whatever way that looks like for you. If someone you shared with does want to "do the business" I would be honored to connect them to our fantastic team that would welcome them with open arms and walk alongside of them every step of the way.

Rest assured that you don't have to sell to share. Be natural. Be genuine. The products speak for themselves, you don't have to convince someone, just start a conversation.

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1 Comment

Nirupama Kumar
Nirupama Kumar
Oct 09, 2020

Love your advice Ruby!!!

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