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Oils + Intimacy

Using fragrant essential oils for romance is nothing new. In ancient Egypt and Rome, bathing with essential oils was part of the ritual of preparation for lovemaking. Today, the perfume industry is a multibillion-dollar business based on the notion that fragrance makes us more attractive to each other. There’s a logical explanation for the scent’s powerful effect on romantic feelings. The olfactory lobe of the brain is the part of the limbic system, the same area that produces sexual desires.

PMS? Cramps? Irritability? Mood swings? Low libido? Menopause? There’s an oil for that. No really…there really is an oil for each and every one of those ailments. Young Living offers numerous essential oil blends that work with our bodies to naturally balance our hormones and can be used as a natural aphrodisiac.

Hormones play a huge part in how we feel. If we aren’t feeling like ourselves, then we aren’t going to be into romance either. This goes for both men and women. Don’t underestimate the power of balanced hormones – in everyday life, but especially when it comes to intimacy.

Want to learn more about using oils for intimacy? You're invited to join our exclusive Facebook Group (Oils + Intimacy) to learn about specific oil blends, diffuser recipes and DIY recipes to help set the mood.

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