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THIEVES | Ten Uses for One Bottle of Thieves Household Cleaner

I oftentimes get asked what is something I use everyday? Thieves Household Cleaner always tops the list! It's been my favorite cleaner for over four years now. This ultra-concentrated, plant-based solution is so versatile while being a powerful cleaner. The best part? It doesn't have any of the harsh chemicals I worked hard to eliminate from my home.

Under my sink used to be filled with a wide array of scents, soaps, detergents, bleaching agents, softeners, and specialized cleaners for my kitchen, bathrooms, glass, drains, and ovens that I thought I needed to keep my home clean for my family. While the chemicals in these products disinfect, they also contribute to horrible levels of indoor air pollution and are poisonous if ingested, and can even be harmful if inhaled or touched. Most toxic chemicals found in household cleaners fall into these categories:

Carcinogens | cause or promote cancer

Endocrine disruptors | mimic human hormones and cause false signals within the body and lead to issues such as infertility, premature puberty, miscarriage, menstrual issues, ADHD and even cancer

Neurotoxins | affect brain activity and cause issues such as headaches and memory loss

Once I began doing my own research on the dozens of products I had to keep my house "clean" I realized my cleaners were among the most toxic products I had in my home. That was a turning point for me. As the gatekeeper for my home, especially for my children, I knew once I knew better, I had to do better!

With approximately 60-65 capfuls (½ TBSP) of the cleaner in each 14.4 fl. oz bottle, I can use this one product all around my home for months on end! (Under my sink has never been so organized - easy button for Spring Cleaning, am I right?!) Thieves Household Cleaner is safe to use at a 15:1 dilution or higher for most non-porous surfaces, so ½ cup of water mixed with one capful of cleaner yields a 15:1 dilution.

GET IT ALL DONE SPRAY | wipe countertops, doorknobs, light switches, and more

In a spray bottle, mix the following: 1 capful Thieves Household Cleaner and 2-3 cups water

While using Thieves Household Cleaner on it's own is very effective, here's a few extra ways you can use this versatile cleaner that you may not know about.

1. MICROWAVE CLEANER | make your microwave sparkle

In a microwave-safe bowl, mix the following: 1 tablespoon Thieves Household Cleaner 2 cups water 1 drop Purification essential oil blend

Microwave for 2 minutes.

Wipe down the microwave using a damp rag—the heat and steam from the solution in the bowl should make removing grime easy.

2. STOVETOP CLEANER | tackle light and heavy degreasing

In a spray bottle or bowl, combine the following: 1 capful Thieves Household Cleaner 1 drop Pine essential oil 1 cup water

Apply with cloth to remove buildup; when grease is gone, wipe clean with a damp cloth.

3. DISHWASHER CLEANER | clean and freshen the inside of the dishwasher

In the bottom of the dishwasher, add the following: ½ capful of Thieves Household Cleaner 3 drops Jade Lemon essential oil 1 cup white vinegar

Run empty dishwasher through a full cycle. Do not add detergent.

4. STAINLESS STEEL CLEANER | make the outside of appliances shine

In a spray bottle, mix the following: ½ capful Thieves Household Cleaner 2 tablespoons olive oil

Buff the cleaner into the stainless steel with a damp, lint-free cloth.

Wipe off excess with a clean, dry cloth.

5. SOFT SCRUB FOR POROUS MATERIALS | polish bathtubs, toilets, and sinks

In a bowl or spray bottle, mix the following: ½ cup baking soda 5 tablespoons liquid castile soap ½ capful Thieves Household Cleaner 3 drops Lemon essential oil

To use: Apply the mixture with a damp cloth or brush and scrub away.

6. DEEP CLEANING SCRUB | scrub stubborn bathroom and kitchen stains

In a glass bowl, mix the following: ½ capful of Thieves Household Cleaner 2 tablespoons baking soda

Form a thin paste.

If the cleaner is too thick, add more Thieves Household Cleaner. If it is too runny, add more baking soda.

Apply with a clean cloth or a sponge, scrub surface thoroughly, and rinse clean.

7. PREVENT SHOWER SOAP SCUM | get rid of water droplets

In a spray bottle, mix the following: ½ capful Thieves Household Cleaner 10 drops Tea Tree essential oil 4 cups water

Spray shower walls and door daily.

Squeegee excess off.

8. COUCH AND UPHOLSTERY CLEANER | deodorize and clean minor spots

Combine 1 capful of Thieves Household Cleaner with 1-2 cups baking soda. Mix well.

Let sit for 24 hours to thoroughly combine. Add 5 drops of Lavender essential oil for an extra boost of freshness. Sprinkle lightly over furniture and wait 1 hour. Use a stiff brush and back-and-forth motions to work the cleaner into the fabric; then vacuum up the excess.

9. CARPET SPOT CLEANER | remove spills and spots

In a spray bottle or bowl, mix the following: 1 capful Thieves Household Cleaner 6 cups water

Mix well, apply to the spot, and blot with a clean cloth. Repeat until stain is gone.

10. GLASS CLEANER | clean mirrors, windows, windshields, and car windows

In a spray bottle, mix the following: 3 cups water 5 drops Citrus Fresh™ essential oil blend 1 tablespoon vinegar 1 capful Thieves Household Cleaner

Spray onto glass and wipe away streaks with a soft cloth.

P.S. Here's another post I wrote on Thieves and talk briefly about some of the other products in the Thieves line - check it out here!

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